Lots of times we get this question: "Now that the Fall is here, is there something I need to be doing to my grass?"

There are some things you can do to get your lawn settled before Old Man Winter shows up. Making the right moves this fall can ensure your lawn will start winter off to a healthy start. Sometimes it is best to do nothing!

Fall is a good time to take a look at your lawn and make a few changes, if you need to. Take advantage of the lower temperatures & get out in your yard.

Warm Season Turf | Quick Tips for Fall

  • Get a soil test
  • De-thatch, if it is needed
  • Continue to mow
  • Do not fertilize
  • Think carefully before overseeding
Thatch image 1. This is a 419 bermuda lawn that has a "thatch patch."
Thatch image 2. This is the above patch of thatch where the thatch has been physically removed.

Quick Tips for Fall Explained

By determining what is going on with your soil in the Fall with a soil test, you can apply any needed amendments now. This will give them time to incorporate and be effective (ie, correct nutrient deficiencies & pH issues) by springtime.

Has your lawn accumulated thatch over the year(s)? (see Thatch image 1, at left.) [Thatch is what happens when you have compacted soil in combination with plant matter atop the soil surface. Thatch is not caused by mulching your grass clippings, by the way... generally the culprit is excess fertilizing.] Increasing organic matter in your soil could aleviate the thatch problem in the long run. [Thatch is a problem because all the build-up will deny your lawn & roots air, water, & nutrients its needs to thrive.] If your yard has thatch build-up to the point that water cannot get through the thatch to the grass underneath, get a stiff rake and physically remove the thatch now. (see Thatch image 2, at left.)

Keep mowing your lawn. Even though active growth slows during the Fall, your grass is still growing. Do not try to "give it a good cutting" and hope that will be the last mowing of the Fall. You run the risk of scalping your lawn if you lower your mower blade too much too soon.

Do not fertilize warm-season turfgrass in the Fall. Period.

People who are used to having a green lawn through the winter are usually those who are used to cool-season grass. If you have Centipede, St. Augustine, 419 Bermuda, or Zoysia, however, you have warm-season turf, and your sod will turn brown after the first frost. You CAN overseed your lawn... but that doesn't mean that you SHOULD. The only type of sod we recommend for overseeding is 419 bermuda.


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