SB Turf, Inc. Centipede sod; harvest date 09/14/16.I need Centipede!
It is February 2016... For about a month, SB Turf, Inc. has (SADLY) been "out of" centipede sod. Cue the questions:
  • What??!
  • How does a sod farm in South Carolina run out of centipede?
  • Is your centipede just not ready yet?
  • All that rain we had at the end of 2015 just messed up all your centipede, didn't it?

While we are ready to answer all your questions and expletives about why we are out of centipede sod right now, it really all boils down to one common law: the law of SUPPLY and DEMAND.

While the upswing in the housing market has been a great thing for our area, it has really put many of us sod suppliers under the gun. Other sod farms may have other things going on with their supply (or lack thereof) of centipede, if you can't find any centipede sod anywhere. We can't speak for everyone... But, we can easily say, however, that we simply didn't have enough planted to keep up with the demand.

If we can rewind back to the years of 2007 - 2008, the housing market itself, and all related businesses was not the prettiest of places to be business-wise. To put it more bluntly, we couldn't even GIVE SOD AWAY during the years of the "bubble-burst".... We were hoping and praying, though, that the economic downturn would not last forever. So we did what any business that did not go out of business did: we refocused. We moved some things around. We downsized our sod operations and focused on other things.

Unfortunately, that meant when things picked up again in the Pee Dee / Grand Strand / Mount Pleasant / Charleston / Wilmington areas of SC, we were a little under-prepared.

One thing you can be sure of is this: our sod quality will be RIGHT for our customers when we harvest. Lots of farms (so we hear) are harvesting poor quailty turf and trying to pass it off as being "ready" for sale. Not us. SB Turf, Inc. will let you know from the moment you call, "We don't have any ready." Trust us, we want to sell as badly as you want to purchase. What we don't want, though, is to sell you sod that simply isn't mature enough to survive the harvest.

Check back with us in the Fall of 2016. Thanks.



09/22/2016 8:45am

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12/07/2016 4:59am

It is just right that you wait for the right time in which the quality of the Centipede Sod is at optimum before you harvest them. I think that it's the right move. It is much better to wait until you can harvest top quality sods. Then later on, you can sell them to customers and they would be satisfied. If the Centipede sods aren't mature enough, then it would be best to leave them alone. When the time comes that they are ripe for the picking, then you can harvest them. They would surely survive and would be on top form.


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