SB Turf, Inc. checklist
Here in the landscaping industry, March is hopefully the time when our "busy" season is starting. For the next four months, it will be "balls to the wall" for us landscapers, do-it-yourselfers, and landscape material suppliers. Many of us are expanding to ramp up our scaled-down operations after barely surviving about five years in a downturned economy.

Are you the owner of a small but growing landscaping company? A supervisor or a crew leader might be just what you need to take some of the everyday management tasks off your shoulders. Or maybe YOU are a newly-hired crew leader for a landscaping or yard maintenance business. Whatever the case may be, we here at SB Turf, Inc. & SB Mulch, Inc. think it is a good idea to have a written checklist of items for a crew leader to be responsible for.

Having a daily checklist is a good idea, according to Some of the benefits to landscapers of keeping a daily checklist at hand for a landscape crew leader are:
  • You save your brainpower for more creative things
  • You save time
  • You have concrete steps to follow to hold yourself (or others) accountable
  • You can reach your goals quicker
  • You gain a sense of accomplishment after you are able to "check off" an item

Do you think a checklist would be a useful tool for you or your business? Enter your email address below. You will be directed to a page on our website to view our pre-made, ready-to-go checklist of daily tasks that you can print off to get your landscaping crew leader or manager going each day.


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