Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your landscaper or gardener? Does your sweetie love to work outside on the turfgrass or in the mulch? Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and your loved one who likes to work in the yard or who is a landscaper would like something besides roses (cut flowers will die!) or chocolates (really? chocolates don't help our resolutions to lose weight!) or another Teddy Bear.... There are plenty of great gift ideas for a gardener or a landscaper or anyone who likes to work in the outdoor space. We have searched high and low for the best Valentine's Day gift ideas, and have come up with our TOP 4 Unique Valentine's Day great gifts for a gardener, landscaper or DIY-er.

1. Repurpose an Old Pallet
Your sweetheart would love it if you shelled out $9,500 for the Tiffany Metro Bangle bracelet or if you cashed in the IRA to buy a John Deere Compact Utility Tractor for her or his Valentine's Day gift. Wait a minute. No they wouldn't! They'd have a heart attack!!!! You can't spend that much for a Valentine's Day gift. The DIY gardener or landscaper in your life would enjoy his / her Valentine's Day gift a lot more if it didn't cost an arm and a leg. Chances are, you could have something sitting around that could be repurposed into a great, not to mention, thoughtful gift for the gardener in your life. "Something like what?" you ask. A used pallet, for instance. There are a lot of things you can make from a used pallet (or a few used pallets) once the sod has been laid off the pallet. You could make an old rope swing from a pallet. You could even take some old pallets and use them to make some rustic-looking headboards for a set of single matresses. An old sod pallet could also be used to make a low-profile coffee table or an outdoor lounge chair. Check out this pinterest page for more ideas on how to repurpose old sod or rock pallets. Giving your special someone a homemade gift for Valentine's Day this year could win you the brownie points you have been looking for!

2. Store Credit at a Local Landscape Supply Store
Most large, chain home-improvement stores offer gift cards, but a gift card can be such an impersonal gift, especially for Valentine's Day. Try stopping in at that small landscape supply store that has the big pile of mulch out front on the way home, and asking if they would work out some way for you to pre-pay for a certain dollar amount of landscaping material for your loved one. Who knows? Your babe probably already has the perfect way to spend a $200 gift to the local landscape supply store: they will finally be able to till in some compost for that backyard garden this spring! How thoughtful of you! What a great way to help make your sweetie's idea come to fruition! If your loved one is someone who loves working outdoors, he or she could surely use some money to go towards that special outdoor project they are just waiting to get started on! Your sweetheart will know you took time to think about a gift they would really use, instead of just running to a chain store and grabbing a random gift card.

3. Shoes / Boots
There are great shoes for the working man or woman from Red Wing. Never heard of 'em? Well, that's what we're here for: to sift through all those products and inform you about the best ones! This company boasts many different types of shoes and boots for the person who is on his / her feet outside on turf or outdoor areas that could be slippery, like small-sloping lawns or ditch-bank areas. Some boots that fit the bill in the 'sturdy' department fall short in the 'comfort' & 'style' department. We like the Women's 1621 Slip-On Clogs & the Men's 414 8" Boot. These are shoes & boots that are stylish while providing alot of industrial characteristics like safety-toe, steel-toe, waterproof, etc and all offer foot support. The quality and service can't be beat for heavy duty working footwear. Your DIY darling would love to get a pair of these in lieu of the usual go-to "candy-and-card" Valentine gift.

SB Mulch, Inc. & SB Turf, Inc. loves Red Wing!
There are lots of Red Wing Stores in the Carolinas for service.
4. Sprinkler Times App
This cool gift idea for your outdoor-loving lovely will only apply if he or she has a smart-phone or tablet. An app like Sprinkler Times (available for Apple and Android devices) could help your gardener set customizable watering zones to assist in creating a custom watering schedule to help you water like a pro. Research it for yourself at the Sprinkler Times home page. This app will be great for the landscaper himself and also great for that same landscaper to recommend to every homeowner they set up with a new irrigation install. How much time could most landscapers save if each of his customers had an app that would help them keep track of how they are watering their lawn? With so much focus in our industry on water conservation, this small app could help sell the professionality of your landscaper to his / her customers. By getting your gardener the gift of this app for Valentine's Day, you will be giving him / her a tool to save money and conserve water -- two things they probably love, by nature! -- in their own yard. Once they learn the app for themselves, they could possibly help set it up for many of their customers!

While you don't have to break the bank for Valentine's Day, most men and women appreciate being remembered on this special day with a gift. The four ideas listed here are just a drop in the bucket to help you get started thinking outside the box for some great gifts for that special someone who likes to work in the yard.


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